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Jose Ferreras has worked and performed across the Europe with a wide range of brands, companies and individuals. He has performed for a number of occasions including Leo Messi presentation as ambassador of Gillette, on big shows in Barcelona and Madrid, launches and adverts with the best players and professional football freestyler.

Is the Champion of  ”Freestylers” and the first teacher of Freestyle Football in Spain, has a very visual show and amazing ball control standing, on the floor, with his head and up to three balls.

  • Top 50 in the world in the Freestyle Football Federation.
  • One of the most experienced freestylers in the world.
  • Coach of professional soccer players.



Freestyle Football classes

Jose Ferreras method is the training program where through Freestyle Football achieve a great improvement of our individual technique and coordination and apart learn many new tricks and dribbles.

Great football players like Maradona, Ronaldinho, Messi, Cristiano and Neymar among others had and have great control of dominating Freestyle Soccer many tricks that do not use in the field but technically give them a great advantage for do tricks, skills.

Teaching methodology throughout Europe with courses, seminars, customized training and classes for kids program professional football Marcet Foundation and modernization.